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Want to Leave Behind of your Competitors

We can help you to leave behind your competitors through our SEO Agency in Montreal & after getting ranked in search engines convert your ranking into the revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

Want to rank your website in Top 5 in Google Search Engine Rresult Pages for a large number of effective target keywords & turn your ranking into the revenue? Using the whole complex of new knowledge and practice on channels for obtaining targeted traffic from search engines that are optimal for your business sites and online stores. Constant working to improve the website ranking.

Social Media Optimization

Want to increase the awareness of your brand among the people? Want to increase your fan following? Social Media Optimization can increase your brand awareness & fan following, through which you can get handsome amount of conversions & sales. Just like SEO, this is also a long term & constant process because to win the trust of your audience is not just like a wink.

PPC Management

Have you started your Pay Per Click Campaigns for getting conversions or sales and not able to manage the cost & profit ratio? Our experienced team of professionals can help you in this.

Marketing Analysis

We study your competitors as well as your target audience. We evaluate the situation in SERP / search result and market as a whole. Our experienced team of professionals can help you.


Why customers loves us?

We Deliver Results Not Excuses because we know the whole process - Actually the practice of promoting businesses for more than 8 years. Effective & Evidence based Digital Marketing Strategy based on our previous experience. Clear Reporting to client so that they can understand what is on-going / what should to expect.

Evidence Base Strategy
Results Not the Excuses

FAQ for SEO Services in Montreal

Why do you need SEO for your Business?
SEO optimization is the main component of business promotion in search engines i.e Google. Today, every online business or store / website needs high-quality and fastest growth to get into the TOP positions of Google because the potential customers only look at the first page of SERP / search results. High-quality website promotion is possible only as a result of complex and systematic work, as well as in close cooperation with an SEO Services agency.
What should to expect from SEO?
The site will gradually rise in SERP / search results for most of the keywords, as a results traffic will grow and conversions will increase.
How much time is required to get into the Top 10 in Google?
It all depends on the business nature / industry, the activity of competitors and the current status of the website. Most often, the terms are from four to six months. A more accurate forecast can only be made after a detailed analysis of your project.
Why is SEO better than PPC?
The main differences between SEO and PPC are timing and cost. SEO is designed for the long term, but the final cost per conversion is often lower than in the PPC.
How to Choose the best SEO Services agency?
So, you understand the need for SEO optimization to achieve success in your business. It means you have already taken the first important step. Let's move on to the next step - choosing the best SEO Services agency. Today, there are dozens of agencies in Lahore that provide SEO services. To grow sales, you need the best team, because it's no secret to anyone that those who save on quality end up paying twice. When choosing an SEO agency, pay attention to the following criteria: Portfolio of an SEO agency, which includes successful projects (cases); The level of expertise in the industry. The level of communication skills of managers: they explain easily and clearly what exactly needs to be done to promote the Website. Reporting is also clear; We also recommend, from time to time, to check the work of the SEO agency that you entrusted with your SEO promotion. Firstly, you must have access the tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console with which you can independently track the monthly dynamics of the main indicators: Traffic growth (compared to the previous month); Sales growth; Conversion rate; CTR.
What is Website Audit & What Consist of?
Website audit is the first step in the SEO promotion. If you want to promote your business, get ready for the fact that you already have the competitors. And they are most likely already promoting their websites. Competitor analysis is an essential component of a comprehensive SEO audit. Positions of competing sites, ways to promote them, main traffic channels and other indicators play a crucial role in planning a website promotion strategy. Technical audit (assessing the quality of your site, the number of errors, page loading speed, the availability of adaptive layout, etc.); Internal audit (includes checking the site for duplicate pages, correct markup, relevance of links etc.); External audit (consists of collecting information about positions in search results; forming a list of pages with the highest visibility; the number of external links to the site etc.)
Is it possible to promote your Business for free?
Yes, it is possible, except for the most expensive resource we own that is the time. The fact is that in addition to training (which also has its cost), you will definitely need time to become an expert. Experience does not come immediately. In order to understand the basics of SEO, a few weeks will be enough for you, but to understand what to do next, it may take from 3-4 months to a year and a half. Why? Because, even if you do everything right, the results of the experiments can’t be assessed immediately - changes occur gradually and can last for months. And if something was done wrong, then the results can’t wait ...

What is SEO

What is SEO & its History?

SEO is a process through which anyone can rank higher the store or website in different search engines like Google. Search engine optimization was founded in 1991 when the first website was introduced to the world.

SEO Agency in Montreal lets you anchor your attempts on the exact or targeted audience you want to see for your business, because businesses are able to choose an ideal audience alternatively depending on broad ads or in other words PPC (Pay Per Click Ads). 75% of businesses say that SEO gives them the most boost for cheering them up in contrast to Paid / PPC Ads. After running the numbers in new revenue, it becomes obvious why Search engine optimization is worthy especially for small businesses. You aren't totally done until your page reaches the front page of Google. Handy visitors are even more likely to become your customers or subscribers if your website is well designed, well marketed by SEO Agency and lastly having well behaved staff ready to answer any questions by the customer on your website.

SEO Activators Agency Believes in Delivering Results

SEO Services Agency in Montreal exactly know, what changes search engine optimization can bring in for your business. With a diverse team of SEO experts in Montreal we at SEO Activators believe in delivering results rather than making the excuses.

What is SEO / Search engine optimization? - Actually you can say that is the refinement, development & the marketing of your business website in Google or search engines to fulfill the requirement of search engines for getting ranked.

Why you need the Search Engine Optimization? Simply, Search Engine Optimization is to increase your website or business ranking / position in SERP against your targeted keywords. Is it important to be in the top in search engine? Do you know, as per the search engine statistics, 95% of users who use the search engine only use the first page of search engine & 70% from them follow only the top three results of SERP. As you will reach in top or get the top 3 position in SERP, guaranteed you will receive more targeted audience which you can convert them into your customers.

Constant working with patience required to improve the ranking of a website or an online eCommerce store as well as increasing unique & useful content. As a result, there will be an improvement in behavioral factors of your audience, an increase in audience trust in you as well as an increase in sales & conversion. Creating and implementing an effective content marketing strategy is a central part of current trends of SEO & digital marketing in Montreal. Without quality targeted content, there will be no good traffic to your online store.

It is important to understand that there is no universal strategy with a combination of practicing skills. And in order to successfully implement and interact with your potential buyers, you need a well-thought-out content marketing & SEO Agency strategy in Montreal along with lot of nice piece of content. Quality content is the basis for finding “hot” clients. Our copywriters prepare completely unique texts that meet the requirements of search engines and are useful for the visitors.

So SEO is one of the best way to increase sales and your brand awareness amount your targeted audience. Surely, not many of you imagine what opportunities a resource on the Internet has. With complex SEO marketing strategy, we use such technologies and developments that will bring new customers to your business faster than your competitors through the SEO Services in Montreal.

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